5 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For A Family Game Room

The local arcades of the past have now become personalized game rooms that people can enjoy in their own home. If you've decided to dedicate a room of your home to a family game room, then there are many steps to take before the room is ready to be played in. One of the more important steps is an inspection and service by a residential electrician. An electrician can ensure that your game room operates smoothly and implement upgrades to fit as much as possible into the room. For the ultimate game room design, the following five upgrades should be considered. An electrician can easily complete the jobs and have your game room ready to go for the whole family.

Recessed Lighting

Hanging lights or ceiling fans with lights on them are just a smashed light bulb waiting to happen. A foosball, air hockey puck, or billiard's ball can easily go flying through the air and smash light bulbs. Reduce any possible damage and make the room feel a little larger by having an electrician install recessed lighting. This type of lighting is flush with the ceiling so that the bulbs do not protrude out and take up space in the room. This lighting is also ideal for recreational game room activities like darts or ping pong. An electrician can evenly space the recessed lights so they fill the room with light any time it's being used.

Arcade Walls

One of the biggest concerns with a family game room are high-powered arcade and pinball machines that are plugged in. An electrician can set up special outlets on specific walls and include surge protectors for the machines. By installing the surge protectors, the arcades will be protected in case of a lightning strike or power outage. The set-up of an arcade wall can also supply your home with the proper electrical circuits. Depending on how many arcades the room will have, an electrician may install its own circuit breaker system. This allows you to manage the power in the room without impacting other rooms in the home.

Floor Outlets

Running power cords across the room can create safety hazards for both tripping and electrical shock. Prevent any problems or wires running everywhere by having floor outlets installed. A variety of floor outlets can have multiple benefits for the room. For example, if you want to feature an air hockey table in the center of the room, you can plug it directly into the floor instead of running an extension cord all the way to the wall. The floor outlets can really open up the floor plan and give you more options for various layouts.

Audio Wiring

A family game room is never complete without some great audio. Whether you're playing music, listening to podcasts, or playing HD video games, the audio in the room can make a huge difference. Electricians can help you wire speakers through walls and create a great surround sound for the whole room. The speaker outputs can connect to all types of entertainment devices and electricians can help you select mounting areas that do not take up too much space. This includes wiring for both the ceiling and corners of the room.

USB Ports

Along with standard outlets, an electrician can install upgraded outlets that feature USB charging ports in them. The use of the charging ports makes it easy to charge video game controllers or devices like a tablet. For example, you can turn a large tablet into an arcade machine. When setting up the arcade machine, it can plug into the USB ports and have a permanent spot in the gaming room for people to enjoy classic arcades on a modern device. USB ports can also be used for speakers, party lights, or charging devices like cell phones.

It's a good idea to draw out a blueprint of your arcade ideas. This will help the electrician map out and plan the necessary upgrades for the room. For more information, talk to an electrician from a company like All American Air & Electric, Inc.