How To Clean Your Condenser Coils

You definitely don't need a ton of money to make your air conditioner more effective. Most people think they need to hire an HVAC contractor to come service their air conditioner. However, there are many simple jobs you can do on your own to make your AC more efficient without paying for a service visit. One of the most common problems with an AC system is a clogged condenser unit. This article explains how to clean your AC condenser coils.

What and Where Are the Condenser Coils?

The condenser unit, which you probably just call the "air conditioner," is on the outside of your house. It has a large fan in the center that powers on when your AC is running. However, the condensing system is actually within the walls of the system. You will notice thin aluminum ridges that line all the exterior walls of the unit. They might be a little hard to see because they are behind the protective metal cage. However, you don't need to remove this cage to clean them.

These ridges can get clogged with dirt and debris over time. They can also get smashed and bent. In either case, your air conditioner will not be as effective if your condenser coils are not free of blockages. The condenser unit transfers heat outside of the house, where it is condensed into cool liquid that is then circulated through the refrigerant lines, which are vital to the flow of cold air. Basically, it is important to keep your coils as straight and as clean as possible.

Cleaning the Coils

Cleaning your coils is actually very simple. All you need is some metal cleaner and a hose. You probably don't want to use a pressure washer because it could be too powerful and it can actually bend your coils. First, make sure the power to your unit is completely shut off. Not only should you turn off your thermostat, you should also hit the breaker switch to be safe. Then, spray down all of the coils with water. Next, spray on the cleaning solution and let it soak in for a bit. This should help break down the dirt. Finally, with a powerful stream, spray all of the dirt and soap out of the coils.

As you can see, this is a relatively simple DIY project. But it is certainly one that is worth doing. It can increase the production of your air conditioner and enable it to use a little less electricity. For more tips, contact your air conditioning installation service.