Maintenance For Condenser Coils

If you neglect your AC unit, you will end up paying more money per month on your cooling costs than you should have to. It would be nice if an AC unit was a self-contained unit. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In order to get the best performance possible from your AC unit, you need to properly maintain it. In particular, you need to make sure that you keep your condenser coils running properly. 

Dirty Coils Are Inefficient Coils

Because of their outdoor location, all sorts of garbage can get sucked into your coils. If sprinklers hit your coils, they can quickly turn collected dirt, dandelion fluff, and other debris into stuck-on grime. As layer after layer of grime builds up on your coils, the grime will act more and more like insulation and may even block off the flow of air through your coils altogether. Dirty condenser coils can reduce your overall system efficiency by up to 30%. Rather than simply throw away thirty dollars out of every hundred dollars you spend on cooling your house, you should clean yoGood work! Your article has been accepted at 4 stars. In the future, consider taking a creative approach and strengthening your authority and expertise.ur coils. To clean your coils, simply spray on a coil cleaner, wait for the solvents in the cleaner to do their thing, then scrub your coils clean with a stiff-bristle brush. 

Clogged Coils Are No Better

Stuck-on grime is not the only thing that can block airflow through your coils. If you allow plants and shrubs to grow right up next to your coils, they can block off airflow. For the most efficient cooling, you should keep plants at least a couple of feet back from your coils. In fact, rather than cut plants back every time they start to encroach on your coils, you should lay down a sheet of weed mat. If you are worried that the weed mat will mar the looks of your yard, simply cover it with mulch or decorative gravel. 

Taking care of condenser coils really is not hard work, which means that homeowners have no excuse for not taking care of their coils. Taking a little time out of your Saturday to inspect your coils is painless, and even if you find that your coils are dirty, and you have to take a few more minutes to clean them, you should have plenty of Saturday left to chase down an adventure. And in the long run, losing a few precious Saturday minutes is worth it when it helps you to save money on operating your AC.  For more information, talk to a professional like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating.