Three Modifications To Consider When Shopping For A New AC Unit

When you're shopping for an AC unit, cheaper is not always better; installing a high-end, efficient unit is definitely worth the trouble, and you may even wish to consider some extras to improve its performance. Here are three modifications or add-ons to consider with your high-end AC unit that will help you save money, improve your indoor air quality, or make an eco-friendly AC unit that much greener.

1. Air filtration system

An air purification system is often available from the manufacturer of your AC unit, meaning that you can have it installed at the same time with a minimum of fuss. It's ideal for people who want higher air quality than the basic AC vent air filter will yield. These purification systems can be installed as add-ons to your existing HVAC system, using the ducts and air movement that already exists in your house. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for small portable models that don't tap into the system. UV lamps, micro-filtration, and more are available to help purify your indoor air to keep you healthier and protect you from allergens and irritants.

2. Heat pump

If you install a heat pump, you can probably avoid using your furnace for most of the year (depending on where in the country you live). If you live in a moderate climate, you may not need your furnace at all once you've installed a heat pump. This is great because the heat pump is much more efficient than a furnace, meaning that it can use less energy overall each winter while still keeping you warm. Newer heat pumps are getting more and more energy-efficient, and, if you live in a part of the country that gets cooler in the winter, it makes much more sense to have one unit that will both air condition and pump heat rather than making room for both an AC unit and a furnace.

3. Solar panels

If your AC unit (or heat pump) is wired to its own solar array, you'll never have to suffer during a summer power outage again. You'll avoid having to pay those ridiculous cooling bills each summer as well. Fortunately, solar panels are currently continuing a trend of becoming more and more affordable, so this may not even have to be an enormous investment. 

To learn more about these and other options that can help you save energy, stay healthier, and even save money in the long run, talk to a professional at R & B Inc Heating & Air Conditioning. If you're installing an eco-friendly AC unit to begin with, the solar panels are an especially good option because you can get tax credits both for Energy Star AC unit installation and for solar panel installation.