4 Things About Ductless Air Conditioning You Need To Know

Do you want to find an efficient and affordable way that you can cool down your house in the summer? You should consider a ductless air conditioning solution instead of getting central air conditioning, especially if you do not have existing ductwork from a traditional furnace. Here are some things you should know about ductless air conditioning.

Ductless AC Can Be More Affordable Than Central AC

Looking to save some money when having your air conditioner installed? Ductless air conditioning can be the affordable solution you have been looking for. Ductless air conditioning requires very few materials, and since you don't need ductwork, the installation of a ductless system will be a fraction of the price when compared to a central cooling system.

Ductless AC Can Be Installed In One Day

With there being a lot less labor involved for the installation, expect the entire process to only take a day to have done. You'll be able to get air conditioning in your home quickly, with no major renovations that need to be completed to accommodate the system.

Ductless AC Can Efficiently Cool A Smaller Home

While a ductless air conditioning system may not be ideal for a large home, it can be a great solution for a smaller home since it is so efficient. You may only need a single unit installed to provide cool air to your entire home.

Ductless air conditioning will have two main parts, the air handler located inside and the heat pump. Since air is not forced through ductwork, there will not be places where cool air is lost or air that gets warm by the time it reaches the intended room. It means that the unit will run efficiently when compared to a central air conditioning system.

Ductless AC Can Be Easily Expanded

If you do install a single ductless air conditioner and find out that it is not enough to cool down your entire home, it is easy to expand the system when you are ready.

For example, you may have placed the air conditioner on the second floor where the bedrooms are, but found that cold air is not reaching the first floor as well as you thought it would. You can easily install a second ductless air conditioner on the first floor to add to your home's cooling system.

If a ductless air conditioner seems like a good fit, contact a local HVAC contractor that can handle the installation.