Three Things To Check Before Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner

If your old air conditioning system is not putting out a lot of cold air, you may think it is simply time to get a new one. But before you decide to replace it, there are a few things that can cause a reduction in the amount of cool air an AC normally puts out. The following are the most significant.

You may have a thermostat problem

If you have air coming out of the vents, obviously your fan is working, but it's possible the thermostat has a problem. This is especially true if you like to have your AC set to the on position. This means the fan will run continuously, but the cold air clicks on where the thermostat is set. This is easy to check. The best way to test for a faulty thermostat is to set it to auto. In this position, the fan is not on. When the temperature rises to the point the thermostat is set for, then both the fan and the cold air should kick on. If the AC doesn't turn on, you likely have a thermostat problem.

Check the Filters

If your filter gets dirty, it can have an effect on the temperature of the cold air. Your filter should be changed once a month, so if you haven't changed it in a while, you need to take a look at its condition. Chances are it's dirty and needs to be replaced. In addition to this, if you have a ground air conditioning unit, you need to take a look at the air intake to make sure it is not blocked by leaves or other debris.


This is the chemical that is responsible for producing cold air. When your AC system starts to get low on freon, the air will begin to become less cold. This is usually a slow process, so if you have an old AC system, you may mistakenly think that the problem is the system itself. Freon can last a long time, so when it gets to the point when your AC needs more, you may not realize it. It's best that you leave the freon issue to an AC repair technician. If you have already checked your thermostat and filters, you should call to have your freon checked.

Sometimes even an older AC system only needs a good tune-up. Although many homeowners neglect to do this, this type of maintenance work should be done once a year. There is a checklist that technicians have that covers a range of inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of AC components. A tune-up will keep your AC system working efficiently and keep your home cool. For more information, visit websites like