Everyone Needs To Know These Telltale Signs Of Leaky Ductwork

Many property owners are clueless about spotting issues with their HVAC systems. It is often a forgotten component of these systems. This is why some people do not make the connection between their air ducts and inconveniences such as high energy costs or respiratory problems. The following are three things you might notice if you have leaky ductwork.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Some people are aware that they have ductwork issues, but they overlook the importance of getting their ductwork repaired. In their faulty reasoning, they assume that the only risk that comes with having leaky ducts is the loss of energy and higher energy bills. However, the same way that a home loses air due to leaky ducts, outside air can also enter. This means that allergens such as pollen might enter and cause respiratory issues for you or another family member. When the polluted outdoor air enters your home through leaky ducts, it can be spread throughout your home through vents and air ducts, which will impact the quality of your indoor air. 

Decreased Efficiency

One way that many people discover their leaky ducts is that they notice higher energy bills. Some people do not associate their increased energy costs to leaky ducts. This is a mistake that can happen when homeowners know that they have older systems and assume that the age of their systems is the culprit. If you have noticed that you are constantly using your heat or air conditioning to keep your home comfortable, it is likely that you have a leaky duct issue. Getting the ducts repaired could significantly improve your comfort and lower your energy costs. 

Uneven Temperatures

Perhaps some rooms of your home seem to cool or heat better than others. Check to ensure that the vents are open in rooms that you feel have uneven temperatures. If the air vents are open, you may be dealing with a leaky duct issue. This is likely to be the case if the uneven temperatures are noticeable in one room. For example, you might have noticed that one side of your family room has cold spots or air drafts. 

An HVAC contractor, like Kayvon HVAC, is a good resource to use to determine if you have leaky ductwork. They are also the best option for correcting any issues. Sometimes other situations with HVAC systems may mimic leaky air ducts. For example, insufficient or damaged insulation could be the cause of high energy bills and uneven temperatures.