How To Prepare Your Heater For Winter

Since it is still warm outside, most people are not thinking about their heaters. But now is the perfect time to get your heater ready for the winter months. This gives you plenty of time to schedule an appointment with a professional and to have any needed repairs made before the temperatures begin to drop. Here are a few of the things that you can do to help prepare your heater for the winter. 

Clear All Debris From Around the Heater

The first thing you should do to prepare your heater for the winter months is to clear all debris from around the heater. If you have an HVAC unit that is outside, this includes clearly trees and bushes away from the unit. If you have a furnace that is located in your home, remove all boxes and other stored items from around the heater. A heater works by pulling air in to heat. If there is too much debris surrounding the heater, it can impact how much air the unit pulls in. Clearing debris helps to ensure your unit gets all the air it needs to heat your home. 

Replace the Heater's Filter

Before the winter months hit, you want to be sure to replace the filter on your heating unit. As air is pulled in to the heater, it passes through a filter. This filter blocks out dirt, dust, pollen, dander and hair. But, as it is used, it gets dirty and full. Replacing the filter helps to increase the heater's efficiency and ensure the air flowing into your home is clean. 

Vacuum the Air Ducts

Odds are, you do not have full access to your air ducts. But that doesn't mean you can't clean what you can access. Find the vents in your home and wipe the covers off to remove dirt and dust. Then remove the cover and vacuum around the vent as much as possible. This helps to remove debris that can slow the flow of warm air into your home. 

Schedule a Cleaning and Inspection

Lastly, be sure to schedule a professional cleaning and inspection with a heating service. They can ensure your unit is functioning properly so that it does not suddenly stop working when you need it to work the most. 

Now is the perfect time to prepare your heater for the winter months. This can be accomplished by clearing debris from around the heater, replacing the heater's filter, vacuuming your air ducts and vents, and scheduling a cleaning with a heating service like Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air.