Get Your AC Serviced Now – Not This Spring

When the air conditioning begins to show signs of problems during the summer, you don't hesitate to call for repairs – unless the season is coming to an end and you're hoping to put off the repair bill until later. If your air conditioning unit was having problems last season, it could be time for you to consider calling for service now, rather than waiting for later.

Why should you have a service check done now?

There are two good reasons to have the air conditioning unit's service check done now – even in the heart of winter. First, you'll have an easier time scheduling an appointment for AC repairs if everyone else isn't calling to have their unit fixed. Second, you'll get a great price on last year's close-out models if you decide to upgrade.

You see, if you wait until spring, you and everyone else in your neighborhood will be trying to get an appointment with the local technicians. If you call for service now, you'll jump the line and be ahead of the game come spring.

Last year's models of air conditioning units can be had at a lower price than they could last year – that's because there are new models being produced and marketed for this year. Sales floors need cleared out to make room for the new models, so they'll clearance out the old ones.

Limited Vegetation

Since it's so late in the winter, there will be limited vegetation growing around the exterior unit. This will make it easier for your technician to get to the unit and to see what's going on with it clearly. When the vegetation becomes overgrown around the unit, it can be very difficult to see all of the wiring and connections towards the bottom of the unit. Yes, you should keep the vegetation cleared from around the unit, but it's easy to let that task slip the to-do list from time to time.

Rodent Elimination

Rodents love to transform your central air conditioning unit into a cozy winter home. If you have the service performed during the winter, the rodents that have set up house in your unit will be removed before they can do anymore damage to the wiring and components inside.

Talk with your local air conditioning service professional to learn more about the benefits of having your central air conditioning system maintained during the winter rather than waiting for spring.