4 Most Common Problems With AC Units

Like many other things in your home, your AC unit is one of those things that you set and then forget. If it's maintained properly, it'll operate for years without giving you any sort of trouble. 

But that doesn't mean your AC unit won't ever have problems. Below are some of the most common issues you may have with your unit. If you see any of them, call an HVAC contractor to schedule an AC repair, and they'll have your system operating at peak efficiency in no time.

No Air Blowing From Vents

The whole purpose of having an AC unit is to have cold air circulating inside your house. If you turn on the unit and nothing happens, something is obviously very wrong. The causes for this type of problem can be numerous, from a frozen evaporator coil to problems with your fan or the compressor itself. If you can't diagnose it yourself, you'll most likely need to call someone who specializes in AC repair since fixing it yourself can be difficult at best.

Unit Not Turning On

Provided your AC unit is still relatively new, a unit that is not turning on is usually an indication that the system has been overloaded and shut itself down. A compressor could have failed due to excessive use or the condenser coils could have failed, which are vital for transferring the heat away from the unit. One of the best ways to prevent these types of issues is by simply making sure that your unit is free from debris and that the exterior isn't caked in dirt. Obstructions like that force the unit to work harder, and that's when things like compressors and condensers die prematurely.

Noisy Air Conditioner

While an AC unit that is banging relentlessly is extremely annoying, it's also a dead giveaway that something isn't working properly. A leak in the refrigerant will produce a high-pitched hissing sound, whereas a clicking sound is indicative of a problem with your relay. Compressors screech when they start to go out, and a banging noise could be the motor. The best course of action here is to call someone that handles air conditioning repair and ask them to diagnose and treat the issue since there are many things that could go wrong. HVAC contractors have the experience and the tools to know what's going on in any situation and how to fix it.

Contact an AC repair contractor to learn more.