3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Will Break Down Soon And What To Do

If your air conditioning unit breaks down unexpectedly, you will need emergency repair services, which might be costly. Fortunately, the HVAC system usually shows various warning signs before it starts malfunctioning. Are there warning signs you have been ignoring? If you notice the following signs, hire a professional technician before the situation worsens.

1. Inadequate Air Flow

One warning sign that your air conditioning unit is failing is inadequate airflow in your house. The initial signs will be different cooling patterns inside the home and a delay before the temperatures stabilize. If you notice that the vents produce air unevenly or ineffectively, you should call in an HVAC contractor immediately for repair.

Your air conditioning unit might be producing insufficient air because the filters are clogged, the duct is leaking, or there are blower issues. All these could threaten the life of your unit. It is best to call the professionals soon to fix your cooling unit.

2. Bad Smell Coming From the Unit

If you notice a terrible smell indoors that worsens when you turn on your air conditioning unit, then your air conditioner is developing technical problems. If your AC unit produces a burning smell, it could be a wiring fault, overheating motor, or any other mechanical issue. Your unit could also produce a sulfuric smell, which could be an indication of leaking gas. Any other unusual smells are still grounds for inspection and potentially repair.

When you notice the odors, call in an expert immediately. An HVAC contractor will examine and repair your unit to eliminate the smells.

3. Water Leaks

When you notice pools of water around your HVAC unit, it is a warning sign that your system unit has a serious problem. When you see the leakage, turn off the unit immediately to prevent further damages that could include electrical faults. There could be any number of reasons that your AC unit is leaking, from ice forming to a refrigerant leak.

If you can't identify the source of the problem, call in a professional technician for immediate repairs. The HVAC contractor will examine and repair the leaking parts before the water destroys the unit and other electrical appliances.

If your AC has any of the signs above, it could cease to function at any time. Before that happens, call in the repair technicians for repairs. This will save you from inconveniences and costs that may arise when your HVAC breaks down. For more information about the repairs an HVAC contractor can do on your AC unit, contact a local service for AC repair.