Air Conditioning Fans: Troubleshoot And Repair Yours Today

If the fan in your outdoor air conditioning unit spins too slowly or not at all, troubleshoot and repair it today. There could be several things wrong with the fan, including a burnt out motor and dirty blades. Learn why your air conditioning fan won't rotate or spin properly and how you can troubleshoot and repair it below.

Why Won't the Fan Spin?

Every condenser unit, or outdoor AC unit, contains a condenser fan. The fan works along with the condenser coil to release heat out of the unit. As the fan spins, it blows cool air across the coil. If the fan doesn't spin fast enough, it won't blow enough air across the condenser coil. The coil and components inside the unit will overheat.

Several things can keep the fan from spinning, including dirty blades. Dirt can weigh down the blades and prevent them from moving in a circular motion. The blades will also cause the motor attached to the fan to work harder than normal during the day. Eventually, the motor will burn out.

In addition to dirt, the motor itself can cause issues for the fan. The motor needs electricity to work properly. If the motor doesn't receive enough electricity from your home to power the fan, the fan will stop spinning.

The conditions above are just some of the potential reasons why the fan won't spin. An HVAC contractor can troubleshoot and repair the fan for you.

What Should You Do About the Fan?

An HVAC contractor will need to rule out several things before they diagnose the problem with the condenser fan. A contractor may check the power source connected to the outdoor unit for worn out wires, blown fuses, or other electrical issues. If the power source checks out fine, a contractor can check the fan blades and motor for problems.

A contractor may need to turn off your cooling system and remove the fan from the condenser unit. If the fan blades show visible signs of dirt buildup, a contractor will clean them. After the cleaning, a contractor will reattach the fan to the unit and turn on the system. If the fan spins properly, a contractor may suggest you clean the blades frequently to keep the issue from happening again in the future.

If the fan blades are clean, a contractor will run tests on the motor. If the motor has electrical problems, a contractor can replace it.

For more details about your air conditioning unit's fan, contact an air conditioning service soon.