Sounds, Repair Problems, And Your AC System

You want to be aware of the warning signs of air conditioning problems. When you know what issues to watch for, you will catch them sooner and have them fixed before worse problems arise. Sounds are a big indication of how well things are going with your air conditioning. A central system should have a low and soft blowing sound that happens when the air kicks on and that goes away as soon as it goes off. When it turns on again, that same low blowing sound will return, and so on. However, any other noises above and beyond this are indicative of a problem somewhere in the system. Here are some things you want to know about noises in the air conditioning system and why they can't be ignored: 

Noises indicate a change

When you hear a noise that never used to be there then it means that something is going on that wasn't going on before. Since your air conditioner started running in premium health, this means that the changes taking place can't be positive ones and this means they can only be negative. 

Even if a noise doesn't indicate something serious yet, the problem will likely become more serious over time because whatever is going on will be putting extra stress on something in the system. That extra stress will then cause something to break or get work to the point where it will stop working. 

Noises can be low or loud

Just because a noise isn't very loud doesn't mean that the problem is as small as the sound. On the other hand, just because a noise sounds loud doesn't mean the issue is worse than a low noise. One example of a low noise your AC system may make that won't sound threatening, but that still shouldn't be ignored is a small whistling sound. 

This can be the sound of a leak in a duct. This may seem like it isn't serious, but it does mean the AC is going to be working more than necessary because a lot of the cooled air is going to be leaking from the ducts before it reaches the interior to cool the temp. So, your system is going to keep working while it replaces the cool air that's constantly escaping. In the long run, this means more wear on the whole system, sooner repairs, sooner replacement, and larger cooling bills. 

Noises can be hard to pinpoint

When you are hearing sounds from your AC, it can be hard for you to pinpoint what part of the system they are coming from in some situations due to the design of the system. For example, you may hear a sound coming from the register, but this doesn't mean there is anything wrong in the ducts, it just means the sound is traveling through them. A professional repair technician will be able to pinpoint the cause of the sound and then they can fix the problem for you.

For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service in your area.