4 Top Signs Your Central HVAC Ductwork Needs Repairs

A central HVAC system supplies air to the various rooms through the ductwork. Therefore, ducts act as the link between the heating and cooling unit and the house. Faulty ductwork can impact airflow and reduce the system's efficiency. Thus, it's crucial to look out for the following top signs that indicate that your ducts need immediate repairs.

Weaker Airflow After System Installation

Performance issues can begin immediately after the installation of the central system. Even after sizing your unit and ductwork correctly, you may notice weak airflow in your home. This problem is often attributed to incorrect duct installation. When routing ductwork through sharp corners and bends, the ducts may curve too much, leading to restricted airflow. The only remedy is to re-install the ducts. Hire a professional HVAC contractor to re-route ducts through bends and turns without constricting airflow.

Inadequate Airflow in Old System

Do you have an old central HVAC system? Is your system no longer heating or cooling as it used to? Inadequate airflow can be due to wear and tear of the system's components. Also, it could be due to worn ductwork. Over time, the ducts may tear and develop small holes. These holes allow air to escape instead of flowing into your rooms. The result is inadequate heating and cooling, even after cranking up the system. You can resolve this issue by repairing and sealing your ductwork.

High Energy Bills

Your HVAC system should consume the same amount of energy for as long as you maintain your heating and cooling patterns. A sudden spike in your energy bills could signal a problem with the system. In this case, you may be dealing with:

  • Duct leaks: Leaks force the system to work harder to heat or cool your home
  • Clogged ducts: Blocked ducts inhibit airflow and overwork the entire system

These two issues can spell problems for the entire HVAC system. Besides increasing energy consumption, leaks and clogs cause the system to overwork itself. This can lead to overheating and premature wear of the unit's components. Thus, seal the air leaks and clean your ductwork regularly to facilitate proper airflow.

Noisy System Operation

Ducts are secured in place using straps or duct bands made of plastic or metal. Over time, the straps can get damaged and come apart. This leaves sections of the ductwork unsecured. As air flows through the ducts, it causes the ducts to rattle against the surface onto which they are installed. The rattling and vibrating sounds are both annoying and distracting. This problem is common in old systems. Resolve it by replacing the worn straps or duct bands.

Contact a professional HVAC repair and maintenance contractor to learn more.