Water Issues And Your Home's Central Air Conditioner

While water should not be associated with your home's central air conditioner, at times, you may run into water issues that are directly a sign of something gone wrong with the system. Take a look at some of the common water issues with a central AC, what could be the cause, and how an air conditioning repair service can help. 

Problem: You find water inside of the interior part of your home's AC unit

Cause: Disconnected condensation drain line

The condensation that collects inside of the air conditioner is meant to drip into a drain pan and then get routed out of the unit safely through a condensation drain line. If the drain line becomes disconnected from the catch pan, you can end up with puddles of water hanging out at the bottom of the interior part of your home's central AC. In most cases, an air conditioning repair professional can help get the drainage line reconnected and the water out of the unit to thwart any hazards.

Problem: You have water collecting inside of your exterior condenser unit's housing

Cause: Clogged cooling fins 

The exterior part of your home's AC houses several important components, including the condenser, primary compressor, and fan. These components are housed in a protective structure that is designed to allow airflow and water to freely leave the housing. If you see water collecting inside of the exterior units, flooding the valuable operational components, you likely have issues with clogged cooling fins. These fins surround the unit to cool air as it moves through, but they are made of thin aluminum and are stacked closely together. Therefore, if the fins collect too much debris or get damaged, you may have issues with water collecting inside the housing. 

Problem: You find puddled water around the main housing of your interior evaporator unit

Cause: Disconnected or leaking drainage line

The condensation drainage line should lead out of your evaporator housing and into a drain in your home or outdoors. If you spot puddles around the AC unit in the house, you likely have a drainage line that is not leading the water where it is supposed to go. 

Problem: You have ice buildup on your interior evaporator

Cause: Lack of airflow 

While ice is a different form of water, ice can bring along even bigger issues than just water alone, and water is at the root of the problem. Usually, a frozen evaporator is a sign that an AC is not getting enough airflow, but what is causing that issue can vary. The air conditioning repair technician will do a thorough assessment to find out where airflow is getting blocked and then work to create a solution.