4 Major Residential Air Conditioning Repairs You Need To Know

If you have an air conditioner in your home, you understand why it should remain efficient all the time. You would not want to miss the quality air and comfort it provides. However, sometimes your AC could fail to function as expected and it might need some repair. It is, therefore, essential to understand the major air conditioning repairs that technicians offer. Here are the major air conditioning repairs you need to know.

AC Refrigerant Leak Repair

This is one of the major air conditioner repairs done by AC technicians. Every air conditioner uses a refrigerant whose role is to run the system efficiently. The refrigerant does this by cooling the air. However, if it was not charged, it can leak or decrease. If that happens, an AC technician will recharge the refrigerant or fix the leak if it was the one causing the decrease in refrigerant levels. If the recharge is done well, your air conditioner will bounce back to efficient and accurate performance.

Compressor Replacement

A compressor is a critical part of an air conditioning unit, and its replacement is a significant AC repair. The transfer of energy to the refrigerant takes place in a compressor. This is followed by the circulation of the energy through the AC, thus creating heat exchange. This means that the compressor might be overworked, especially during the summer season, causing the motor to burn out. At this point, the only option for you as a homeowner is to have the compressor replaced. However, this replacement repair is costly, and most people prefer buying a new air conditioner.

Frozen Coils Repair

Frozen coils repair is another major repair done on ACs. Most homeowners are hardly bothered by the appearance of ice on the AC. Unfortunately, that's a sign that all is not well with your unit. The freezing of the coils occurs when there is no heat flowing over them. Also, the coils can freeze when the refrigerant fails to run through them and absorb heat. A technician fixes this problem by defrosting the coil and sealing the leak.

Blower Fans Cleaning

The cleaning of blower fans is a common yet major AC repair. Your air conditioner might fail to function if the outdoor coil or blower fans are dirty. A technician fixes this issue by cleaning them.

These are major air conditioning repairs, and you should consider seeking the services of an AC technician in case there is a need for any of them.