How Long Does Air Conditioning Installation Take?

On average, air conditioning installation should be complete within a day. While this is pretty standard, a few complications and factors can lengthen the installation period. These include the following:

DIY or Professional Installation

In most cases, DIYers learn while installing the AC. This means that it will take more time as they learn from their mistakes and rectify them. A task that would take a day can extend to a week or even a month. If you're working with an HVAC contractor, the task typically takes 4-8 hours. This means less waiting time, less research, no manual labor, and almost certainty that your air conditioning system will run smoothly. 

Hiring an HVAC contractor will cost more, but you're also getting a guide and resource to answer queries that might arise. Therefore, hire an HVAC contractor if you need to install an air conditioning system. 

Installation Space 

If you choose to install your HVAC unit outside, you should have an easier time installing it due to easier access. Ferrying the materials to the installation point is also easy. 

If you choose the crawl space or attic, you'll have a harder time installing the HVAC unit. In most cases, attics have smaller accessways and need small staircases to climb into the spaces. This means you'll need more time to ferry individual components into the attic. The same applies to crawlspaces as they're only accessible through crawling. This means you can't have two or more workers in the space to complete the installation. Everything is done slower due to the confined spaces. 

New Ductwork 

Homeowners with older HVAC units that require replacements often repair or replace several sections to accommodate the new unit. This means the HVAC contractor will spend more time working on your ductwork, repairing and replacing accordingly. 

Also, old homes have ducts installed using old techniques, which have improved over the years. For example, contractors at the time would use different techniques to calculate the number of vents each home would need. If the current vents aren't enough, you'll have to add more. Similarly, if you have an extra room that wasn't part of the original house, you'll need ducts extended to the addition. 

Are You Replacing the Entire System?

If you don't have enough funds, you can replace your AC system bit by bit. This can take months or even years to complete. If you're replacing the entire system, it will take less time. A few days should be sufficient for your new air conditioning installation. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for air conditioning services near you.