Six Things To Do If You Notice That Your Furnace Blower Won't Stop Running

One common HVAC malfunction that could lead to furnace repair needs is a furnace blower that is constantly running.

Your furnace blower should periodically turn off once your HVAC equipment gets your interior to the temperature at which you have your thermostat set at. A furnace blower that is constantly running indicates a malfunction that you may need to have your HVAC repair technician look into.

The following are six things to do if you notice that your furnace blower won't stop running. 

Turn your thermostat down

One of the first things you should do to address a blower that won't turn off is to verify that the blower is malfunctioning. You can do this by turning down your thermostat so that it is set to a temperature below the room temperature.

If your thermostat is set below room temperature, your blower should definitely be turning off. Otherwise, there is an issue that needs to be addressed. 

Check to see if the fan switch is turned on

Another thing to do regarding your thermostat when your blower won't stop running is to check the settings. It's possible that you've accidentally switched the fan to the "on" setting rather than the "auto" setting. When this happens, the furnace blower will continue to run. 

Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue by switching the fan back to the auto position. Once you do this, your blower should eventually turn off once the interior of your home has been heated to the appropriate temperature. 

Check your fan limit switch

The next step would be to inspect the furnace itself. You can troubleshoot by checking the fan limit switch. On most furnace models, this switch can be found beneath the furnace hood. 

If your fan limit switch is pressed in, your furnace is set to manual override so that the blower will constantly run. You'll need to pull the switch out to turn off the manual override and correct this issue. 

Contact your HVAC repair technician

If none of the above-mentioned steps correct the problem, then it's time to get in touch with your HVAC repair technician. You don't want to allow your furnace blower to continue running nonstop because this will lead to efficiency issues as well as unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace equipment. 

Schedule an appointment to have your furnace blower looked at

Schedule an appointment to have your blower and furnace looked at. You should have your HVAC repair technician come to your home at a time when you will be present to discuss the malfunction. 

Decide on the right repair solution for the situation

After inspecting and troubleshooting, your HVAC repair technician will let you know how your blower can be repaired to remedy the problem. If your blower or furnace is old and worn-out, you might need to replace parts such as your blower or even your entire furnace.