Is Your AC Not Working? Common Problems That Need To Be Addressed

Like other appliances, air conditioning systems are not exempt from breakdowns. However, your AC will break down after repeated warnings. But many people ignore these warning signs, hoping they will disappear in due course. 

Failure to address emerging issues early enough could worsen the situation, which might require costlier repairs. Therefore, you should look out for the following signs and get them repaired by an HVAC contractor right away. 

There Are Leaks from the Refrigerant

Although refrigerant leaks are not easy to spot, you may notice some leaks along the coolant lines if you check keenly. Furthermore, you will note discoloration near your air conditioner if the issue has lingered for a long period. 

Usually, refrigerant leaks result from the degradation of the lines and connections inside the appliance. Another possible cause is a faulty or clogged condensate pipe. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, call your HVAC contractor immediately to top off the refrigerant and fix the leak. 

The AC Is Not Functioning As Expected

If your AC is running and the indoor temperatures remain high, it is prudent to seek professional help. This malfunction often occurs due to insufficient airflow in the outdoor condenser. Usually, it means that dust or debris is blocking the coil. Also, check if there is overgrown vegetation near the appliance. This can also cause the AC to malfunction. 

Another possible cause is a compressor or refrigerant issue. Luckily, whatever is causing your cooling machine to act this way can be fixed by an experienced AC repairer.

There Is No Production of Cold Air

The AC's primary function is to produce cool air. So if your unit is functioning as it should and no cool air is coming through, something is crucially wrong. If the filters are dirty or something is blocking the ducts, your air conditioner will produce hot air. 

Furthermore, this problem can arise when the compressor is clogged by dirt and debris, thus overheating or lowering refrigerant levels. But before adding refrigerant to your unit, the air conditioning repair company will check for leaks first.

Warm air production is solvable through regular AC maintenance. The general principle is to have your appliance cleaned on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Additionally, it would help if you had the ducts cleaned once a year. 

It is possible to keep your AC working throughout the year via regular servicing. But if you fail to pay attention to it, the above issues will keep popping up. Thus, you should ensure regular servicing of your AC, the same way you service your car without fail. But, more importantly, have all the minor issues fixed on time to avoid further damage.