3 Common Problems With Residential Boilers

A lot of residential properties rely on boilers to generate heat. Boilers are notorious for being reliable and requiring very little maintenance over time. These qualities can make it difficult for homeowners to identify when their boiler needs repair.

Here are three common problems that plague residential boilers. Learning more about these problems can help you spot issues early and invest in timely repair services for your boiler system.

1. Kettling

Do you have hard water in your home? If so, you must be vigilant in watching your boiler for evidence of kettling. Kettling occurs when mineral buildup inside a hot water boiler changes the pressure levels within the boiler itself.

Pressure changes have the potential to cause a wide range of issues. Your boiler is more likely to spring a leak when kettling occurs. Severe kettling can even put your boiler at risk of exploding due to excessively high internal pressure.

As soon as you hear your boiler making any hissing or banging sounds, contact a repair technician to flush the mineral buildup out of the boiler and return pressure levels to normal.

2. Leaks

Since most residential boilers are connected directly to a water supply line, there is always the risk of a leak forming. It's important to identify the source of the leak when determining how dangerous the leak may be.

Any water leaking directly from the boiler is cause for immediate concern. These leaks can mean that your boiler has started to corrode from the inside, and you will likely need a technician to install a new boiler to preserve the safety of your family.

Leaks that can be traced back to a valve or seal are easier to repair. A technician can simply replace the faulty valve or seal to restore the watertight design of your residential boiler.

3. Lack of Heat

The primary role of a residential boiler is to generate heat. When you discover that there is no heat coming from your boiler, it's time to call for help. A lack of heat can be caused by a wide range of problems.

Something as simple as a faulty safety switch or damaged thermostat could be to blame for your heat loss. Unfortunately, heat loss can also be caused by serious mechanical failures like a broken pump or electronic pilot light ignition.

A local technician can diagnose and repair the problem to restore heat to your home once again. Contact residential boiler repair services to learn more.