Is It Time to Call the Emergency Plumber? Four Common Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies always seem to pop up without warning. When that happens, many people try some quick fixes to avoid messes. But, unfortunately, doing this could make things worse, prompting costlier repairs. The best way to mitigate the situation is by seeking help from a 24-hour emergency plumber. These experts offer solutions for the following plumbing emergencies:

Nothing Passes Through the Pipes

Clogged drainage pipes are a typical plumbing emergency. Usually, you will detect a slow drain problem when carrying out an activity in the sink, like brushing your teeth or cleaning your dishes. Naturally, you will use a plunger to dislodge the stuck item and get the water moving. 

Pouring hot water down the drain also cleans out grease and restores the flow. However, it is time to call the plumber if none of these tricks seem to work. A clog in the system is a plumbing emergency since the dirty water left standing in the sink or bathtub can become a health hazard. 

Nasty Sewer Water in the House

Sewer backup is the worst plumbing nightmare for homeowners. Besides making your house stinky, it poses a potential health hazard to your family members. The standard indicator that you have a sewer backup is when the wastewater starts coming out of all the sewer lines in the home. 

This water is ordinarily grey and has an awful smell. In addition, it is full of harmful microorganisms that could cause diseases. If the issue is a blockage on the main municipal pipe, there is nothing you can do other than wait for it to get resolved. But if the issue is in your septic tank, it is paramount to call a 24-hour emergency plumber right away. 

Frozen Water in the Shower

Frozen showers occur when you have a malfunction in your hot water system. In this situation, you should check the breaker box and ensure that your water heater has the right power supply to keep the water boiling. Call the emergency plumber if flipping the switch does not solve the problem. That's because you might have a more significant hot water tank issue that needs repair or replacement.

Water Everywhere

Flooding is a shocking plumbing emergency because it can lead to extensive water damage to your property. Usually, it results from a burst pipe. Call your emergency plumber quickly and turn off the main valve as you wait for them. 

Since plumbing emergencies are inevitable, it is advisable to partner with a plumber in your region. A competent and reliable 24-hour emergency plumber will respond to your call quickly to avoid damages and inconveniences that arise from plumbing issues.