Symptoms Of The Need For Commercial AC System Maintenance That Should Never Go Ignored

As a commercial property owner, you are probably weighed down by innumerable responsibilities. And while you may think you have everything under control, it is easy to drop the ball on some aspects of running your commercial property. One aspect that almost always goes neglected is maintenance services. And the main reason for this is that some commercial property owners presume that as long as a system is still functional, it is not in dire need of professional attention. Yet, this is what leads to minor defects going unfixed to the point that they compromise entire systems. If your commercial property is heavily reliant on its air conditioning system, it is vital to have a predetermined maintenance schedule. If this has not been the case, check out the following symptoms of the need for commercial AC system maintenance that should never go ignored.

Weird smells permeating the commercial property

A well-maintained commercial AC system should never emit smelly air. Hence, when you start to catch whiffs of strange odors around different parts of the property, you should know that AC system maintenance is past due. Stale odors, for example, tend to signal that the filter, ducts, and internal components of the unit are dusty, so you would need to hire AC system maintenance services for thorough cleaning. Burning smells, on the other hand, usually point to electrical problems such as scorched wires or malfunctioning circuits. These underlying causes can lead to an electrical fire in your commercial property, warranting the immediate need for AC system maintenance. Lastly, a pervading odor of rotten eggs tends to indicate a gas leak, so not only should you vacate the property of all persons and turn off the AC system, but you need to call licensed technicians promptly.

Bizarre noises pervading the commercial property

Without question, commercial air conditioning systems do not operate silently. Nevertheless, after owning your commercial property for a while, you have undeniably become familiar with how your commercial AC system uniquely sounds. Keeping that in mind, any deviation from the norm should alert you to the fact that AC system maintenance is way past due. Similar to the weird odors that can come about due to neglect, some sounds produced by the air conditioning system may point to minor issues, whereas others could signal larger, more severe problems. So it is always best to be on the safe side. Banging, for instance, may simply mean a few parts have detached and will need to be secured by the professionals. Whistling, on the other hand, could point to an air leak or gas leak.