4 Signs Your Well Pump Is Damaged And Needs Repair Services

You might take your well pump for granted until it fails to function. Luckily, well pumps rarely break down without a red flag. Identifying signs that your well pump is failing is a critical skill for every homeowner, considering the earlier your spot the issues, the less likely you are to be left with a dead well pump. Here are the top four signs your well pump is dying and a few tips on what you should do. 

1. Lack of water

The purpose of your well pump is to pump water from your well to ensure there is a constant water supply in your home. If there is no water from your faucets, you should determine whether your well pump is functioning. Is your well pump not working? This may happen due to clogs in the unit or an electrical malfunction. Getting a competent well pump repair contractor can help fix the problem and prolong the life of your pump.

2. Your Pump Won't Stop Running

While your pump has to be on to pump water into your storage tank, it should not be running all the time. In fact, it should only run where there is not enough water in your storage tank. After pumping water in your storage tank, it should switch itself off until the next pumping session. So, if your well pump runs non-stop, take it as a surefire sign it is dying. A leaking suction line or a damaged pressure control switch is usually to blame for this issue. And it will wear down your pump faster than you may realize. Therefore, you should seek repair services as soon as possible.

3. Brown Water

Everybody loves clean and odorless water. Does the water you receive appear brown? Dirty water can result from using a pump that is way big for your well. As a result, it may be pumping everything it comes across, including dirt, hence the brown water. Also, if your pump's filter is faulty, it could be allowing debris into the water supply. A reliable well pump repair contractor can identify the root cause of the dirty water and offer a working solution.

4. Strange Well Pump Sounds

Your well pump makes a specific sound when it is running. And most probably, you have been accustomed to it. If your well pump is making weird sounds, you would want to hire a well pump repair contractor to check the sound source.

Are you experiencing any of the above issues with your well pump? If so, call a reliable well pump repair contractor without delay. They understand the inconveniences of having a malfunctioning well pump and will get it working within a short time.