You Need A New Blower Motor. What Does That Mean?

When your furnace quits, it is normal to panic a little. But then, you call an HVAC contractor, they come to take a look at your system, and they tell you what's wrong. In a surprising number of cases, they'll tell you "it's your blower motor." They'll then recommend that you either replace or repair that component. Most homeowners are not overly familiar with their blower motor or how it works until they find themselves in this scenario. So, here's a look at this part, what can go wrong with it, and how your HVAC contractor can fix it.

What's a blower motor?

Your HVAC system likely consists of three key appliances. There is a furnace that produces heat, an AC unit that cools the air, and a blower or fan. The blower, or the fan, propels the cooled or heated air into your ducts so it can circulate through your home. The blower motor is the motor that powers the blower or fan. As such, when there is an issue with your blower motor, neither the heat nor the AC will work properly. Your furnace and air conditioner may kick on, but little to no air will come through the vents.

What can go wrong with a blower motor?

As with any motor, there are a lot of moving parts inside a blower motor. There is a belt that spins and several ball bearings meant to reduce friction in the spinning parts. These are the two components that fail most often. The belt may start to fray as a result of normal wear and tear. Eventually, the fraying may progress to a complete tear. The ball bearings can get worn out and flat-sided as they age, at which point they'll no longer be able to do their job.

How are blower motors repaired?

Most HVAC contractors can replace a torn or frayed blower motor belt. They can also replace worn ball bearings. The question is whether or not it is worth making these repairs. If your blower motor is already older, the HVAC contractor may recommend simply replacing the whole motor rather than fixing it. They may fear that if they make one repair now, you'll just need another one a few months down the road. Let your HVAC contractor's advice guide you as to whether it's best to replace or repair a blower motor.

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of blower motors, their function, and how these appliances are repaired and cared for. 

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