Warm Air Coming From Your AC Vents? 4 Possible Culprits Behind This Issue

You need a functional air conditioner if your home is to remain comfortable during extreme weather. So, if your AC releases warm air instead of cool air, it can make indoor temperatures unbearable when the weather is hot. You need to seek the services of an experienced AC repair professional for your unit to operate as it should. Different factors could be behind this AC problem, and the guide below highlights a few you need to consider. 

Your Unit Could Be Leaking Refrigerant

Your AC's refrigerant is responsible for absorbing heat from the air and cooling it down before it is recirculated in your home. as such, when the refrigerant level in your AC drops, the unit cannot adequately cool your home. One way to tell whether you have leaking refrigerant is if the evaporator coils are frozen.

Other common indicators include hissing sounds and a significant rise in your electricity bill. You are advised not to fix refrigerant leaks without professional help because you expose yourself to health complications. Instead, safeguard your well-being by hiring an AC technician to diagnose and fix the issue safely.

You Haven't Set the Thermostat Correctly

If you fail to input the required settings on your thermostat, your AC may release warm air. For example, the component may have been switched to the "heat" option by mistake. It is crucial to ensure that the thermostat fan setting remains at "auto" instead of "on." This way, your fan won't need to run when your AC isn't cooling the air. You may also notice warm air from the vents if changes to your programmable thermostat have overridden the settings. In such a case, you likely need to update it.

There Is Leakage in Your Air Ducts

If there's damage to your air conditioner's ductwork, warm air will mix with the cooled air, which then blows through the vent. A key indicator that you likely have damaged ductwork is loud hissing sounds in your walls. In any case, if you suspect that your ductwork could be damaged, speak to an experienced AC professional to inspect and address the source of the leak.

Your Condenser Coil Is Dirty

The AC condenser coil helps to eliminate heat from the air and then release it outside your home. Since this component is located in your outdoor unit, it is more exposed to the elements. Furthermore, if you don't maintain your outdoor unit regularly, the accumulation of dirt on the coil can impede the effective transfer of heat. As a result, you'll notice warm air blowing from the AC vents. Cleaning the coils can help address your issue, but you also need to have the debris around the unit removed frequently.

It can be unbearable to stay in a house where the AC blows warm air during warm weather. If this is the case, speak to an experienced technician to check for the issues mentioned in this guide, and resolve them.

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