Air Conditioning Problems That Might Need Repairs

Your air conditioning system can suffer a number of different problems, and these issues can rapidly lead to your home's interior becoming hot and unpleasant.

Uneven Cooling Of Your Home's Interior

If your air conditioning unit is starting to experience performance issues, one of the first problems that you may notice could be the interior of the home being cooled in an uneven way. This could result in your AC system having to use far more energy to cool the interior of your home while also providing less-than-ideal results. This problem can be due to issues with the cooling system for the unit or even the blower that is distributing the cool air. A professional air conditioning repair service can identify the source of these issues. Unfortunately, a homeowner will likely experience continuing performance deterioration until their system completely fails.

Excessive Water Coming Out Of The Unit

It is normal for some water to come out of your air conditioning system while it is in operation. This is due to the fact that the unit will produce large amounts of condensation as a side effect of the cooling process. However, if you are noticing a large amount of water steadily flowing out of the unit even when it may be off, this could indicate that the interior has accumulated a large amount of water. Often, this problem is due to the drain for the AC unit becoming clogged as this could prevent the condensation and rain that gets into it from draining out. Eventually, this can cause the internal components of the AC unit to become damaged due to corrosion and other types of moisture issues.

An AC System That Is Repeatedly Freezing

Another issue that could impact your air conditioning unit could be the formation of a thick layer of ice over it. This is often the result of the coils in the system becoming dirty. This could prevent air circulation, which may allow condensation to start to accumulate on these surfaces. This moisture can lead to a layer of ice forming, which can rapidly grow in size until it is covering much of the unit. Unfortunately, this can completely stop the flow of air through the unit, which can rapidly cause mechanical problems. Additionally, this issue could lead to the coils that have frozen to rupture, which could cause a large refrigerant leak to form. In addition to preventing the system from working, these leaks can also result in the toxic refrigerant contaminating the soil.

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