AC Malfunctions: Common Signs You Need A Professional

An air conditioner (AC) is a vital piece of equipment in your home or commercial space as it enhances comfort by regulating temperature levels. However, ACs get damaged due to wear and tear and need repair. When thinking about AC repair, it's best to seek the services of a professional to ensure safe and high-quality maintenance and prevent extended damage that may require you to replace your whole system. The following are some common signs of AC problems that require a professional repair service. 

AC Completely Fails to Work 

If your AC suddenly refuses to function after switching it on, it indicates a problem. Several issues can cause the AC to shut down completely. It could be a fuse or tripped circuit breaker caused by a power surge, electrical malfunction, or overload. It could also be a loose wire,  faulty connection, or worn-out parts. It's difficult to tell the exact issue with a complete AC shutdown if you're not a repair expert. A trial-and-error diagnosis and repairs can result in further damage or electric safety issues; hence you should leave the job to a professional AC technician.

Refrigerant Leaks 

A refrigerant is a part of the AC that cools the air before supplying it to your home. When it leaks, your AC may not provide cool air effectively. Moreover, if you don't fix the leaks in time, it may damage the AC compressor, which is costly to repair and sometimes requires complete AC replacement. Several issues can cause refrigerant leaks, including corrosion and damage to coils or refrigerant transport lines. An AC repair professional examines the problem, fixes the leak, and recharges your system with more refrigerant.

Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

Your AC usage significantly contributes to a chunk of your monthly energy bills. However, if you notice a sudden increase in your energy bills and haven't changed your usage rate, then there's a problem. Multiple AC components malfunctioning cause strain, hence using more energy. For example, dirty air filters restrict airflow through the system, making it strain and use more power than usual, thus causing high energy bills at the end of the day. Other AC problems that affect the amount of energy it uses to operate include improper sizing and installation, leaking refrigerants, leaking ducts, and dirty condenser coils.

Take Away

Many other signs of AC problems require professional diagnosis and repair. They include unusual noises and sounds, unpleasant odors or smells, and low air quality or excessive dust in the home. A professional examines the signs and fixes the problem allowing you to enjoy the peaceful and convenient use of your AC.

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