Keeping AC Installation Affordable

These days, air conditioning is often seen as a necessity. In some hot areas, it basically is! However, you may still be hesitant to have AC installed in your home because of the price. Here's the good news: there are some key ways to help keep costs down.

Tip #1: Have AC installed in the fall.

Most people have air conditioning installed in the spring or early summer when the weather is starting to get warm. But if you can manage to have AC installed in the fall instead, you will likely save money. HVAC contractors sometimes offer discounts on labor during this season since it is a slower season for AC work. Plus, some AC manufacturers may offer discounts on "last year's" air conditioning models since they're waiting to introduce new models the following year. 

Tip #2: Consider alternatives to central air.

Central air conditioning systems usually consist of a compressor, an evaporator coil, and a blower motor. They're the standard in the HVAC world. However, there are other types of air conditioners that you may want to consider. 

For example, a mini-split system does not integrate with ducts. It instead consists of a compressor plus air handlers which mount through the wall and blow air directly into your room. In some cases, a mini-split system may cost less than central AC.

Another type of AC to consider is high-velocity AC. Instead of ducts, this type of system sends air through thin tubes. High-velocity AC is often easier to install, which can save you some money.

Tip #3: Only air condition part of the home.

In a perfect world, you would air condition your whole home. But if you're on a tight budget, one way to keep costs down is to only equip part of the home to be cooled. This allows you to choose a smaller AC unit, which often costs less than a larger AC unit. It may also allow your AC contractor to run fewer ducts, which helps keep labor costs down. People often choose to cool their bedrooms and living room, but not their storage rooms or kitchens – but you can customize the setup to meet your own needs.

If the cost of installing air conditioning is intimidating, try the strategies above to keep costs down. Also, make sure you get several quotes and compare them. This way, you can hire the most affordable company. 

For more info about HVAC services, contact a local company.