4 Reasons Your AC Isn't Putting Out Much Air And The Air Conditioning Repairs That Help

It's frustrating when you can feel chilled air coming out of your vents but the air isn't coming out strong enough to cool down your house. The airflow out of the vents has to blow out enough cool air or your house will still get warm and muggy. Here are four reasons why your AC may not be putting out enough cool air and what an air conditioning repair service can do to help.

1. The Blower Fan Motor Is Bad

The blower in the air handler makes the air that flows through your ducts. The blower spins and sends air over the refrigerant coils and on through your house. If the fan motor is bad, there may be very little or no air produced by the blower. When this happens, the air conditioning repair technician can take out the bad motor and put in a new one.

2. The Capacitor Is Bad

The capacitor provides additional electricity to the blower motor to start it up. Replacing a worn-out capacitor is a common type of air conditioning repair. When the capacitor goes bad, the motor doesn't get the power it needs to start up, so it may struggle or not start at all. When this problem occurs, the AC repair technician needs to replace the capacitor before it causes the motor to burn out. As long as the motor isn't harmed, changing the capacitor gets the blower fan working and should increase the airflow from your ducts.

3. There's A Leak Or Clog In The Ducts

Another problem could be when a duct comes loose or is damaged so air flows into your attic rather than out of the ducts. A leak in a duct might be repaired with duct tape, but if the duct was destroyed by a raccoon or other pest, the duct may need to be replaced. Sometimes, ducts and the vent grilles can get clogged with dust. When that happens, you can vacuum out the dust or call a duct cleaning service to clean the ducts for you.

4. The Filter Is Matted With Hair And Dust

Reduced air intake can result in lower air output. When the filter is caked with debris and a dust mat, air can't flow freely into the air handler. This reduces the amount of air that flows into the ducts, and it also puts a strain on your system. An air conditioning repair technician will replace a clogged filter for you, but this is an easy job you should keep up with yourself so you can avoid problems with your air conditioner. 

For more info about AC repair, contact a local company.